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Olive Oil and Health

Olive is a miracle plant that protects human health with its nutritional values.

Olive having been consumed since ancient times gradually increased its importance and having a stable place at tables, is an important protection for human health

The olive which has a very high nutritional value also increases the contribution of oil to health.

Olive oil  which is any adverse effects to health has a protective effect cardiovascular disease and it is against cancer through antioxidants. Especially today, the proliferation of cardiac and vascular complaints increase the importance of this miraculous food for human health. Research in recent years have shown that olives are not only a delicious food, as well as an important source of food having high calories.

In addtion to olive,Olive Oil is an important source of nutrients. Olive oil  is known the most recommended oil by all experts unlike all of other lubricants  particularly for cardiovascular health. The benefits of olives and olive oil in terms of health are listed as follows:

Benefits on Cardiovascular Health: Fatty acids found in olive and olive oil . Most of these acids, which is essential for the body, is monounsaturated omega-6 (linoleic acid) oils. Monounsaturated fats do not contain cholesterol. Therefore, unlike other oils ,olive oil raises cholesterol level and  keeps under control. In the studies on this subject, the cholesterol levels of people who consume about 2 tablespoons of olive oil  every day for a week were obtained very positive results. Antioxidants which neutralize harmful substances in our bodies and prevent the destruction of cells  are extremely important substances . It has been observed high antioxidant levels in humans using regular olive oil. In addition, the fact that olive oil prevents heart disease has been confirmed by many researches. Olive oil is recommended patients with cardiac and vascular as a medicine in blood cholesterol. In addition, olive oil regulate the rate of omega-6 fatty acids to omega-3 fatty acid. It is of importance that Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids should be taken a certain proportion. There is in question the progression of many diseases besides immune system and heart, cancer because of this proportion unbalance. Though all of these reasons many people detect health with olive oil. American Heart Association revealed a high monounsaturated fat diets to reduce the risk of heart disease, 30% low-fat diet could be an alternative

The role of Olive Oil to Prevent Cancer: A study published in The Archives of Internal Medicine has showed that women who consume a high percentage of olive oil has a lower risk of breast cancer. In a separate study by scientists at the University of Buffalo in New York however, ß-sitosterol which is a substance found in vegetable oils such as olive oil may help prevent the formation of prostate cancer cells. The researchers arrive at a conclusion that beta-sitosterol strengthens the internal communication system of the cell that ordered the cells divide, so that cancer can be prevented before they become uncontrolled cell growth. A recent study by doctors at the University of Oxford was determined that olive oil has a protective effect against intestinal cancer. Doctors find out that olive oil enters into a reaction with stomach acid  to prevent the start of bowel cancer. Oxford researchers also have discovered  the same time reducing the amount of bile acid of olive oil and DAO (the enzyme diamine oxidase) by raising the levels, were protective against abnormal cell growth and cancer. In addition, according to the reports of researchers in humans who eat large quantities of olive oil and vegetables, rheumatoid arthritis which is a chronic disease in joints (infection of the artery) reduce the risk.

Benefit of the Development of Bone: Olive  contain E, A, D, and K vitamins to help bone development in children and adults, wihch is very important in terms of strengthening the bones by preventing calcium loss. Olive is recommended for the elderly because they are easy to digest and it helps vitamins and minerals use in the body. In addition, olive provides the precipitation of minerals in the bones and prevents calcium loss. Bones are the organism's mineral structural storehouses and the absence of mineral accumulation in the bone occurs serious complications such as osteoporosis. In this regard, olives have most beneficial effect on the skeletal system.

Prevention of Aging: Through the conntained vitamins of olive oil have an effect on cell renewing  they are also used for the treatment of the elderly , nourish and protect skin. Olive oil, with particular vitamin E, prevents our body from a large number of antioxidant substance contained damage caused by harmful substances, renews our cells, tissues and organs and delays aging.

Lowering Blood Pressure: In the study of Archives of Internal Medicine published in the magazine dated 27 March 2000 once more it is emphasized the  positive effects of olive oil for high blood pressure .Morever, blood pressure-lowering drugs are made with olive tree leaves.

Benefits for internal organs: olive oil protects  the stomach diseases such as gastritis and ulcers by reducing stomach acid. In addition ,it allows the most perfect digestion by stimulating the excretion of gall. It regulates the discharge of the gallbladder and reduces the risk of gallstones. Also  it can help the kidneys work thanks to chlorine and thus facilitates the cleansing of the body's wastes. In addition, there is a beneficial effect on the brain vessels.

Contribution to Child Development: Olives and olive oil is extremly beneficial foods found in them, due to linoleic acid (omega-6 fatty acid) for new-born babies and growing children. Linoleic acid deficiency gives rise to retardation of development, and even various skin disorders. Olive oil contains the elements of antioxidant that prevent fom damage caused by the body of harmful substances in our body, and it also contains the elements of fatty acids having great importance to the human. These support the hormones and help the formation of cell membrane. Olive oil is similar to human milk fatty acid ratio, has a balanced composition of poly-unsaturated. Olive oil is a sufficient source  can not be obtained by the human body, but also essential importance for the body of these essential fatty acids. These factors make olive oil very useful to the new-born babies. Before and after birth it contributes to the natural development of baby's brain and nervous system, so the only oil is recommended for mothers by experts. Olive oil is a natural food source as breast milk because it contains linoleic acid close to the amount of breast milk when skimmed cow's milk is joined the olive oil. The fact reported centuries before: Nowadays, many scientists  believe that oliv oil is the ideal model of diet. It is specified olives and olive oil as the most basic foods at every meal and it should have a daily feeding program because of these properties. Many verses of Allah draws attention to the benefits of the olive plant which has been barely discovered with the development of medical science.

 Nutrition Experts and World of Medicine Discovery of a miracle food: Olive oil attracted the attention of experts in recent years thanks to all these properties. The comments of some experts are as follows:

Head of the Department of Epidemiology, Harvard University School of Public Health Dr. Dimitrios Trichopoulos: If American women consumed more olive oil instead of saturated fats, the risk of  breast cancer might have happened by up to 50% reduction. Olive oil has a protective effect against some types of malignant tumor. These are prostate, breast, colon, and esophageal squamous cell tumors.

Jean Carper ,CNN's award-winning reporter for one of the leading authorities on health and nutrition, is an international columnist and author of the booksThe Food Pharmacy” (Food Pharmacy) and “Food-Your Miracle Medicine” (Nutrition-miracle drug: A new study by the Italians, olive oil, including LDL cholesterol's ability to clog arteries found that it contains antioxidants that combat disease processes.

Dietician and nutrition expert, Pat Baird whom is author of the book The Pyramid Cookbook, Pleasures of the Food Guide  Pyramid: He said that we have much to learn more about the benefit of physical health.

University of Miami School of Medicine, Dr. Peck: He has been shown to strengthen the immune system of olive oil ... "

University of Milan, Faculty of Pharmacy , Bruno Berra: Natural olive oil increases significantly the resistance of LDL to oxidation with a small polar components.

II. University of  Federico ,Department of Internal Medicine and Metabolic Diseases, A. A. Rivellese and G. Riccardi, M. Mancini: Olive oil prevents insulin resistance and ensures better control of blood glucose.

University of Harvard School of Public Health ,Frank Sacks: Obtaining control of a diet rich in terms of olive oil and in the treatment of obesity is more effective than low-fat diet. He said that it cause also more long term weight loss and maintain weight easier.