Kahraman Yağ

History of Olives

Oil tree which is a symbol of  the mediterranen civilization was the basis of all civilizations which had been established in this region throught history. Southeastern Anatolia is known always to be the homeland of the olive and the gene center. The recent studies in the Hatay, Kahramanmaras and Mardin, the fact that it has been encountered with  the sub-species of the olive tree assures this judgment . The olive, which completed the first placement in the Southeastern Anatolia, has extended to Western Anatolia and then Greece, Italy, France and Spain by the way of the Aegean islands. The olive having bounced to North Africa by the way of Sicily, merged with the second path progressing through Syria anf Egypt and then it spread to the entire southern coast of the mediterranean. The third path has progressed to Iraq and Iran through Pakistana and Afghanistan. In 16. Century by the Spaniards taken to the South and North America have been completed the spread of the olive around the world